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“Your septic tank is a beautiful, delicate, organic machine”

Did you know?:

   A typical 2,000 gallon aerobic system needs to be pumped out, and serviced at least once every two years?

   A typical 1,000 gallon septic needs to be fully pumped, and serviced every three to five years?

   A typical 2,000 gallon aerobic system has three chambers, and all three chambers must be fully pumped, and cleaned in order for it to function properly?

   Build-up on the floor of your pump tank, if not serviced and cleaned completely, and regularly, can and will damage your pumping system, even resulting in pump replacement?

   Fact: if these things and others are not completed correctly, it will cost more money,…. A PRETTY PENNY more…!

We can help you with these few issues and more, and we do it with a smile. Baltimore’s Septic Services, specializing in Septic and Arobic Systems.

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